I got into a search for Methadone clinics in Michigan to help out a friend who is battling with narcotic pain killer addiction. I have heard about these Methadone detox clinics before but I did not know I would need to research for one. Because I knew my friend had no one else to turn to, I took it upon myself to run the search for private Methadone treatment clinics here in Michigan.

What Are Methadone Clinics For?

The main purpose of treatment is to help patients become sober. That means free from illicit drugs and other substances. This treatment is mainly based on methadone which is a synthetic opiate.

What it does is it causes the same chemical effects in the user’s body much like how heroin and other opiates work. The big difference you have to note is that it never provides a euphoric high to the user which is the main reason why so many people get hooked with opiate substances. So, what is the main purpose of using Methadone?

Why Is There Are Need For Methadone?

For a recovering addict or someone who wants a change for the better, the most difficult part of the process is probably the withdrawal stage. The symptom can be unbearable. I, for one, have not experienced it but basing on what I’ve seen with my friend, it is a terrible experience that you would never want to go through with. The main benefit that Methadone provides is that it helps reduce these withdrawal symptoms.

Why Other People Criticize The Use Of Methadone?

The first questions I had was if Methadone was so useful in treating heavy cases of addiction, why are there a lot of criticism surrounding its use? To answer the question, I think it is important that you understand that Methadone is a controlled substance. Yes, it does have some side effects. And it may be prone to abuse as well. This is why emphasis should be placed on the operative word which is controlled.

Why It Is Better To Take A Patient To A Methadone Clinic In Michigan?

MethadoneClinic_July_2011As long as Methadone is administered with caution and with the right amount of doses only, it can help without doing any more hard to the person’s body and state of mind. This is also the most apparent reasons why it is strongly suggested to take your loved ones to a Michigan Methadone clinic. The trained staff and professionals here know exactly what they are doing. And this is the assurance that the Methadone doctor gave me. That is my friend will be in good hands.

There are also reliable Methadone maintenance clinics that offer continuous treatment for the long term recovery of the patient from heroin and other opiate substances, in the case of my friend, narcotic pain killers. And I do think they are worth looking up as well. I may not have the knowledge of an expert but based on what I’ve seen so far and the level of my friend’s recovery, I’m glad I took the time to look up a list of Methadone clinics.

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